She'd Rather Them Dead Than Adopted

She'd Rather Them Dead Than Adopted

By: Amanda Lord, Students for Life of America

Jessica DelBalzo loves abortion. She says so multiple times on the pro-abortion website, RH Reality Check. ( This has drawn the ire from many pro-life people since being published, and rightfully so.  But what DelBalzo fails to mention in the article is that she is also against adoption. Her musings can be found on her website Adoption Alternatives. (                    


As a proud birthmother and pro-life activist, I will tell you one thing: I saw this coming.

What I mean by "this" is the pro-abortion argument against adoption.  That's right, I said "against" adoption.  Who could be against adoption?  And why?  Well Jessica DelBalzo is representing a scary and unfortunately growing segment of the radical pro-abortion community.  In a recent Blaze article ( she was uncovered as not only saying she LOVES abortion, but she abhors adoption.  Basically saying it's not “the right choice,” or “the loving option,” nor is it “a wonderful gift.”  Instead, her theme seems to be if you can't have your baby, then no one can. It's either birth or abortion. And believe me, she's not a big fan of birth.

DelBazo basis her anti-adoption theology on what happened during the Baby Scoop Era ( than on the current adoption climate. The injustices that happened to the mothers and their babies during that era is something that no one advocates for. During that time, babies were stolen from women labeled as unfit mothers and given to adopting couples.

In this current social and political climate – adoption has never been better for a birthmother. The control is in the birthmother’s hands – she makes almost every decision regarding the adoption plan. She chooses the adopting parents, the amount of contact – if any – she wants with her child. She can choose to meet the parents before and/or after the placement. She can decide whether or not she wants her son circumcised. Most couples will even allow her to the name child.

Have you ever brought up adoption when discussing abortion with a pro-abort. They tend to get fidgety and sometimes even angry. Why? Because adoption truly is an alternative to abortion. 

Adoption doesn’t line the pockets of Planned Parenthood – a pro-abort’s Mecca. Adoption also doesn’t allow for the pro-choice crowd’s favorite sacrament: abortion.

To quote Miss DelBalzo’s website:
“Adoption agencies and others who profit from the trade of babies through the adoption industry advise adopting couples to do whatever they need to do to locate a pregnant woman who is willing to surrender her child to them.  This means everything from advertising in newspapers and online to paying for the expectant mother’s expenses to making (often false) promises about the contact they will have with her once her child is born and adopted away.”

No one knows better than I the detrimental effects of poor adoption planning. The system is not perfect but it is getting a lot better. There are adoption advocacy organizations that are working to better the process for birth families. I do not support adoption agencies that do not tend to the birthparents before and after birth. I also support a communication agreement that birth parents and parents adopting domestically sign that is legally-enforceable.

As a pro-life activist, I have spoken with many abortion advocates that feel the same way as DelBalzo. Pro-lifers need to be ready to answer her uninformed arguments with facts. A great place for adoption information is the National Council for Adoption ( Birthmothers need support around them before and after the adoption. is a wonderful organization that will help a birthmother every step of the adoption process.

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Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2012