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Newborn Baby Recovering After Found in Trash Can Wrapped in Grocery Bag

With so many deadly infanticides cases in the news recently, it’s good news to hear of a baby in an infanticide case who has survived.

Mother Arrested for Murdering Her Three Disabled Children, Including Twin Boys

Tania Clarence, 42, has been arrested on suspicion of murder for killing her three disabled children after allegedly having a breakdown about providing them care and treatment.

New Oklahoma Law Protects Patients From Losing Lifesaving Medical Care

On April 21, pro-life Governor Mary Fallin signed into law the Oklahoma Medical Treatment Laws Information Act. The measure had passed 88-1 in the House and 42-1 in the Senate.

67 British Doctors Who Signed Blank Forms Authorizing Abortions Face No Discipline

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that 67 abortionists who illegally signed blank abortion forms for women seeking abortions in England went unpunished, the Daily Mail revealed this week.

Energy Plant in Oregon Burning Aborted Babies From Canada to Generate Electricity

An energy plant in Oregon is reportedly burning aborted babies from Canada to generate electricity. UPDATE: Local officials say they will stop the practice while they look into the situation.

Following the LifeNews story below that received national attention, the Marion County Board of Commissioners issued the following statement:

Mississippi Governor Signs Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and protect unborn babies who feel tremendous pain during an abortion procedure.

I Survived an Abortion So When Did My Life Begin? Before, During or After Birth?

In an interview in March with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos asked Richards the question of all questions, “When does life start?

Mom Grabbed 6-Week-Old Daughter by the Feet, Slammed Her Head Into the Ground Killing Her

In a chilling case of infanticide in Florida, a mother allegedly grabbed her 6-week-old daughter by the feet and lifted her up in the air before slamming her head into the ground and killing her.

Woman Thanks God for Her Abortion Because She Wanted to Fit Into Her Skinny Jeans

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Abortion advocates often try to make the case that women need abortion because of awful, terrible, heartbreaking things — pregnancy after rape, a baby diagnosed with a fatal birth defect (or worse, something really undesirable like… Down syndrome), a mother whose